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 Rules & Guidelines

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Rules & Guidelines

1. 'Wanna'-rexic Behavior
This forum is not for people wanting to drop a few pounds to fit into those perfect pair of pants you bought. It's not for people who are looking for a quick fix, and it's not for people who are thinking an eating disorder is all the glitz and glamour the Hollywood media loves making it out to be. You're not a tragic character in your own little story. An eating disorder is a serious mental disease. If you're looking to lose weight, please visit a dieter's forum and leave this one to the people who actually need it.

2. Tips, Tricks, & Encouragement
It's one thing to wish someone well on a fast. It's another thing to encourage the fast. The people on here already suffer from severely negative eating habits and don't need outside stimulants like a person trying to manipulate them into starving, throwing up, or upping their exercise. Be mature and responsible in the way that you speak to someone. If you're unsure of your post content, please PM a member of the staff and ask them to review it. Also, there will be LITTLE tolerance to members either posting threads asking for tips on how to purge food or hide their disorder, or members RESPONDING to these threads. Again: Be mature and responsible. Realize that if you participate in these sorts of topics, it is entirely possible for you to cause the death of another member, and that is not what this forum is for.

3. Disrespect & Abuse
Members of all ages, races, religious backgrounds, and sexual orientations reside here. If you have a problem with skin color, culture, religion, or any of the above, keep it to yourself. No one else wants to hear about your personal prejudice views nor should they have to endure it. No insulting or disrespecting other members, and absolutely no rude, slanderous, or condescending behavior. If you get into a dispute with another member, take it to the PM system immediately. (Should the offender start harrassing you via PM, report them to the staff immediately.)

4. Language
The occasional 'fuck' isn't going to give anyone a heart attack. But if your posts become so cluttered with foul language on a daily basis, or if any member finds that your use of swearing is excessive, we have the right to both edit your posts and contact you on behalf of the forum.

5. Graphics
If you're going to post pictures, make sure they contain no full-frontal nudity and violate no known laws (this means underage members should be cautious in the way that they take their own photos). Please get your image hosted by a free site like Photobucket or Imageshack before posting to avoid stealing bandwidth.

6. Team Spirit
We are all part of a nice and welcoming community here that was created specifically yet not exclusively for males. Female members are always welcome here and should always be accepted just as much as our male members are. Remember that alot of the people here will confide within us and therefore we should provide support to them and everyone here.
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Rules & Guidelines
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